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If you've been involved in the sport of 4-wheeling for several years, chances are you've heard of us under one of our many names or have heard of some of our many activities.  Larry E Heck, Lone Writer, Pass Patrol, Outback Publications,, Outback Distributing, Lone Riders, and


Larry E Heck (CB handle: Outlaw) founded the orginal organization in 1985 under the name of Pass Patrol 4X4 Travel Club.  That club was active for 13 years. The Adventures of Pass Patrol were told in books, videos, magazines, newspapers, and even on TV news.


Eventually, Pass Patrol grew to more than a hundred families and offered100 days of planned trips every year.  People began to know Pass Patrolmembers by their many CB handles.


Outlaw, Dusty, Gadget, Caveman, Texin, Sundance, Sunshine, Dutchy, Blue Moon, Miss Blue, Slowpoke, Snapshot, Sureshot, Shutterbug, Muley, Bad Hat, Magnolia, Leadfoot, Bushwacker, Yukon, Engineer, Coyote,  and the list goes on and on.


In 1990, you may have seen Larry E. Heck (Outlaw) on Cable TV ad spots for the 1990 Daihatsu, Rocky 4X4.  He wrote for 4-Wheel Drive & Sport Utility Magazine on a regular basis and occasionally wrote for FourWheeler Magazine, Peterson's 4Wheel & Off Road Magazine, and others.



In 1991, Outlaw, Gadget, Dusty, Blue Moon, and Miss Blue, joined together and formed Outback Publications, Inc. to focus on publishing guide books and videos.  Although the others were drawn away by various obligations, Outlaw stayed with Outback Publications for seven years. He wrote books and videos about the Adventures of Pass Patrol. Outlaw was also President of Pass Patrol 4x4 Travel Club during that entire time.


In 1998, Outlaw (Larry E. Heck) left Outback Publications and the corporation was dissolved.  Pass Patrol 4X4 Travel Club was unable to continue without its leader, however, many of the families involved have stayed in touch and continued 4-wheeling on a smaller scale. Larry was away for three years.


In 2003, Larry E Heck returned and revived and  The older products were revived.


In 2006, Larry fell victim to a millionaire who tricked him out of ownership to the website,, and to the publishing rights to the original series "Adventures of Pass Patrol,". Fortunately, it only included the series in that one format and did not include anything that had been used to publish them.  The verbal agreement was that Larry would be employed for several years to continue running the publishing company.  The scammer only paid the first few months and then stopped.  Of course, without Larry in charge, the company failed and is no longer in operation.  The scammer allowed the web site to default and go to auction.


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